Naming our Church

Vine Church + St Michael’s came together as two separate churches in 2015 to reach our city with the good news of Jesus. Our current double-barrel name reflects some of the complexity blended families experience when they commit to one another for a common purpose. However, we are no longer two families and nor do we feel blended. We are integrated, and as a result it’s time to make a decision about the future of the name of our church.
Before we look at the following options, we must realise that when it comes to thinking through this issue, we bring to the discussion our own biases and preferences. We must prayerfully seek to put aside our own preferences and think through what is best for the work of the gospel in our city. 
Six years ago it was my wife and I who named Vine Church. Over this time I have watched this church connect with many unreached people and see them saved. It has been a name that has served us well. As a result it is hard for me personally to put aside my biases and preferences and look at this objectively. As a result we need a prayer and consultative approach to the name of our church, so that we understand where each of us are coming from.
This short survey will help the leaders hear from you, so that their decision reflects the collective wisdom of the church.
* means question must be answered